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Hollywood Dan is back, but with Nat away this week we've had to bring in Nat's Soundbox as a substitute. The Mike and Dan are joined by The Guardian's James Dart, who weighs in on the big Super Bowl chat.

In other news: Dan gets showered with gifts; the guys chat balls with deflate-gate; you can join in on Dan's Oscars game; and maybe you'll be seeing Americarnage on Tinder soon. 

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This week Nat and Mike (still no Hollywood Dan) are joined by stand up comedian James Shakeshaft, who gets us up to speed on Japanese baseball. We've got chat about deflate-gate, Seattle v Greenbay, and some British soccer. 

In other news: Nat gets a new Springsteen album; Harry's still lost in Nicaragua; the team discuss podcasts; and Mike's been watching French films again. 

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Harry's still away, and there's no Hollywood Dan, but Nat and Mike are joined by Matthew Phillips - a stats man when it comes to College Football. He takes us deep into the College game and looks ahead to the upcoming draft picks. 

In other news: Mike attempts to steal from the guest; Volfsball makes a brief return; and we let listeners know where the hell we've been. 

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Nat and Mike are all hopped up on christmas cheer this week and it has nothing to do with the fact that Hollywood is on IR with a knee. No, they're stoked to find that for the next few weeks while HdP is on his drug-muling duties in central America they will be being produced by AdP - Ann the (da?) Producer...

In other news: Mike knows numbers when they're read to him; Nat wants to hear where you listne to the show. Nothing shady, promise; Mike watches another film, it's like he's some sort of journalist or something; Manziel starts a game, did you hear?; the Jets can't even tank a season properly; lots of other things happen, if I told you all about them here you wouldn't listen to the show, right? The show where there is much, much more...

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Four years and a few months ago, soon-to-be Hollywood Dan met Nat and Mike and said 'I love it when you guys work together, let's do a podcast' and they said yes. Then Dan called the only audio guy he knew who works for tennants super and Americarnage was born! That was four years ago and it's frankly amazing it's lasted this long. To make it last another four years, buy the merch at

In other news: Dan changes kitty litter; Mike went on the piss in his suit years back; Nat went to see Penguins of Madagascar; the Cowboys are STILL IN THE HUNT somehow; JJ Watt is still amazing; so is Andrew Luck; Peyton has a mare; in the NHL Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay AND Detroit are tied for the lead at the East; the New York Islanders and Montreal are not far behind; Anaheim lead Vancouver and St Louis in the West; NBA-wise Toronto lead the East, from Atlanta – and Milwaukee are also in the playoff spots; Golden State are now 17 and 2 after 12 straight, and lead the West from Houston; Dan come up with another great game; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness and much, much more...

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Nat and Mike often fain happiness when Dan has to bow to his busy schedule and miss a show but this week Mike actually breaks into song. You've been warned.

In other news: All-Pro (just) David Whitney brightens the studio with his presence; David's loyal support of the New York Football Giants kicks things off very nicely indeed; Mike talks police procedurals; Nat talks about the exploitative nature of wrestling; Iron Mike delivers a Manziel-free round-up; then a Kobe-free round-up; it's almost like he knows there are other players in their respective sports, who knew? Loads of great questions; HdP prepares a Twit or Twat for the guys and of course there's much, much more...

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Nat and Mike are sportsmen of great and varied prowess, always seeking the fresh challenge and ready to give their all to triumph in a new arena. These past years they have wept, for there were no more worlds left to conquer for no new popular sport has been invented in a hundred years. This was only because Marek Larwood had yet to invent... Volfsball!

In other news: Thanksgiving means more football than you could possibly digest... Unless you head to the Number 1 Sports Bar in Old Street, London England to catch Iron Mike presenting some tasty NFL action; Marek elucidates the principals and heritage of Volfsball; Nat talks films and stuff; Mike talks telly and things; NFL coaches have had a rubbish week - Mike Smith and Rex Ryan in particular; RGIII should totally go to the Vikings to make the circle complete; Odell Beckham caught the ball or something; baseball gets a look-in this week; Marek talks basketball and Mike talks hockey, in between plenty of quality action from the Bodeans Mailbag and of course much, much more...

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Nat, Mike and Dan are, of course, the subject of many a fantasy (league) but this week Mike and Dan have a set-to about The Fall, which Mike likes and Dan thinks... Well, that's in the show, innit?

In other news: JJ Watt keeps catching balls and running them places; the Pats have their once-a-season steamrollering of the Colts sorted for this year; in the NBA, Toronto still lead the East from Washington. Memphis still lead the West from Washington; Philadelphia are bottom of the east with 10 losses and no wins; Kobe is still going for records and pissing people off; in the NHL Montreal are back on top of the East from Tampa Bay (despite being shut out in Pittsburgh last night); Anaheim lead the West from Nashville; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodies and a kick-ass game from Dan round out the week. Oh wait - there's still much, much more...

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Nat, Mike and Dan are men of distinction with refined tastes to match. Luckily Browns fan and master of rum Mr Paul McFadyen is on this show this week and brings the gang a treat which is beyond even their high standards. Except Dan who shuns the booze in favour of shotgunning bottles of covonia under the table...

In other news: Paul talks sport, Mike talks novels, Dan nearly has fights and Nat talks Counting Crows - which one do you think got the best reaction? Dez Bryant slays the London Jaguars; the Packers trample the Bears; Carson Palmer has a big pile of money and no season left; Mark Sanchez doesn't do most of the things attributed to him; in the NBA, Toronto lead the East - yes, Toronto! – from Chicago and Miami; Memphis lead the West from Houston and Golden State; Kobe Bryant now has the most missed shots in NBA history; NHL-wise Tampa Bay lead the east from Montreal who are making a minor comeback with three straight wins and Vancouver lead the West after Anaheim lost three straight in Overtime; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness; lots of drinky goodness and much, much more...

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As regular listeners may have noticed over the years, Nat, Mike and especially Dan like to say things occasionally which might not be to everyone's taste. The sort of things you probably wouldn't drop into conversations with your parents, your partner or indeed the Marques de Sade. This week is no different in that respect except Dan's found a list of unique insults from around the world and made a game out of them. So, y'know, you were warned.

In other news: it's fireworks night so Mike blows up Nat's intro; Dan loves a boaster; Mike talks Dylan; Nat talks cartoons; Dan talks documentaries; in the NFL, the Pats answer the critics; the Steelers are copying their scores and Big Ben is throwing mental scores; the Rams edge out the niners; the Saints lead the south; Buffalo seem relevant, this scares everyone; in baseball the World Series gets its post-mortem, seeing as our recording dates are eerily crap for the way that's gone; basketball is happening again and all anyone can talk about is Lebron; in Miami the Heat shot out to a three game winning streak thanks mainly to Chris Bosh, who stepped out from Lebron’s shadow; in slapshot land, Pittsburgh leads the East from Tampa Bay and Montreal, Anaheim still lead the west from Vancouver and bloody Calgary; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness; Dans insult game and much, much more...

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