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Nat, Mike and Dan are all together again! It seems like it’s been ages but in many ways, not long enough… To make things even better the gang are joined by the award-winning sports journalist, old friend of Iron Mike and man who holds the key to the question he must never answer “will there be a London Franchise?” NFL’s David Tossell.

In other news: Mike talks about what it is to be human; Dan talks about great telly; David mentions his new book which you need to buy – The Girls of Summer (it’s to do with cricket); Nat breaks the great news that we’re bringing back Ask Mike – new videos coming soon gang, get your questions in and we return to the cult of personality; in the NFL, lots of things were stolen and fraudulently sold but this time it’s nothing to do with the [insert least favourite coach here]; Mike rates the Baltimore, Green Bay, Seattle and Cinci; in the NBA, season MVP is Steph Curry - why even bother to debate it, not only did he win for the second year running but is probably a cyborg sent back to kill Trump who took up basketball instead and got all 131 first choice votes, the first player in history to do that; actual games happened, Dan tells you about them; in the NHL, the Lightning obliterated the Islanders; in the West the Sharks and the Predators have split 6 games, after San Jose cruised to a two game lead with Logan Courtue and Brent Burns scoring for fun; things happen in baseball, including slow, old, amazing home runs; loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness and my gosh with David in the house is there much, much more…

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Nat and Dan rock up to the studio this week in the certain knowledge that the Iron One is elsewhere, although quite what this means is up for debate – options include stumping for Ted Cruz, doing things for the mob and other less (more?) salubrious options. Whatever he’s up to he’s sent in lots of good stuff and, what’s more, the guys are joined by the legend that is Erik The Producer Janssen.

In other news: the Mancave Champions Club App Question of the Week winner this week is Mr James Cooper of Minehead who bags himself a load of goodies – you can get involved too by downloading it right…. NOW! Jimmy Garopollo makes an early appearance and then reappears quite a bit – which is nice; Erik has been watching Better Call Saul – a near-Nat level of cultural relevance; conversely, Nat has been watching The Jungle Book – the new one and everything; Dan ran the Brighton marathon and got sunburnt in the cold; all sorts of pre-draft manoeuvring in the NFL and Iron Mike talks you through his version of the first 10 picks; will a new top cornerback make the Racistskins any better? Johnny Manziel is still in the news for all the wrong reason, think this is just how it goes; the NBA Playoffs are underway and everyone is injured; Cleveland are the only ones through so far; OKC and the Spurs will play each other in the West; Erik tackles the NHL with a catch in his voice due to the lack of Canadian teams in the playoffs; the Blues are through to face the Stars; the Kings are out; in the MLB the White Sox execute the most ridiculous triple play ever in the history of anything; Albert Pujoles hits 565 homers, which is also pretty mental; Erik then breaks out The Birthday Game for the first time in a while and it inspires this week’s competition; there’s the usual Mancave Mailbag goodness and definitely much, much more…

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With Nat still in Panama dealing with the fallout of recent events, Mike and Dan find themselves doing a two-hander this week, something that immediately and unsurprisingly becomes a bit rude. It involves hands.

In other news: Mike stood in for Nat on Talksport 2 the other night, it was fun; the Question of the Week on the Mancave app is Adam Wright from Cardiff – he wins a big box of goodies and you can too; Dan has a lot of three points, but that’s what happens when he’s not allowed to talk for two weeks; one of them is a film, another is telly and the third is a book so it’s very nearly a media clean-sweep; the NFL round-up is less sports and more CSI but then that’s depressingly familiar; lots of trading and manoeuvring ahead of the draft; Kaepernick is once again in the news and what the bloody hell is going on there? In the NBA the Cavs have won the East and the Warriors have won the West, although the Spurs did their damnedest to spoil that party; Kobe’s retiring apparently, no-one cares; the NHL playoffs start TONIGHT and Washington had their best ever season resulting in a top seed while everyone else just kind of gets slotted in somehow; lots of other things but also David Cameron has been fired… From his coaching job with the Ottawa Senators; stickball season is back and Mike talks a lot about that, Dan less so; loads on Mancave Mailbag goodness and just the right amount of much, much more…

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Nat, Mike and Dan are back in the game after two long weeks out of the studio and it turns out their cultural references are just as fresh as they’ve always been, something which Dan is not slow to point out. Anyway, they’re short on time but it doesn’t stop things from rollin’ rollin’ rollin…

In other news: there’s wifi in the studio for the first time in ages, this is only relevant because it makes us happy; Dan outlines the “banter” defence before moving on to a critical dissection of Zootropolis which Nat joins in on; Mike has been watching season 2 of Bosch and things about the Easter Rising – not as many parallels as you might think; Nat brings up a new podcast about The West Wing and it just gets better from there; there are Mancave Question of the Week winners (download the app and get involved folks); the NFL is suing the NYT because they don’t have enough money yet; the touchback gets moved and the touchback stays still, angering most; Julian Edelman has an overdue game; oh, plus there’s some free agency stuff – Alfred Morris to the Cowboys for one; there’s some pre-season baseball for the first time in simply ages; in the NBA the Cavs lead the East and the Warriors lead the West; the Clippers have three players who statistically out rank Stef Curry which is kind of amazing; there’s lots of Mancave Mailbag goodness, a game starts, stops and is edited out (for everyone’s own good) but never fear – there is much, much more…

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Nat, Mike and Dan are on fine form this evening for a variety of reasons but mainly based around Mike’s natty new birthday haircut. It’s a hell of a do to be sure and it’s either that or the Irish Whiskey he’s presented with during the show which gives a rosy glow to proceedings…

In other new: local Camden business Trufflesecco does not get the nod from Dan and he expresses his distaste for these things; Mike has seen Concussion which is not that good apparently, who knew? Nat has a brand new Talksport show coming up soon, watch this space for more info and ‘Carnage listeners will definitely recognise many of the guests; Dan has read a spectacular book and shares it with the gang; in the NFL Free Agency is just as mental as the season that preceded it – now that Tom Coughlin is gone the Giants are spending all the money in the world; RB’s are mainly running between teams this time of year; Mark Sanchez is a Bronco and he’s probably among the many people confused about this; in the NBA the Cavs lead the east and LeBron is still on top; in the West the Warriors and Spurs are up top; NHL things happen, great Mancave Mailbag things happen, a twitter-based game happens and it’s great too and of course the requisite much, much more…

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Nat, Mike and Dan romp into studio after a break with enough energy to immediately turn International Women’s Day into mum jokes and worse. Business as usual then. Luckily they move on to much lighter things, like the resurgence in football (soccer) violence and the places of Nat and Dan’s respective teams in this. Like I said, business as usual…

In other news: A competition sparks a series of revelations as to what the guys find attractive with Dan in particular entering into the spirit of things; the Mancave Question of the Week is running on the app and there are winners galore – Richard Stubbs and Stephen Fowldes over the last couple of weeks – so download the app and get involved; in the Mancave not-on-the-app competition we get two winners who both get stuff; Mike has been watching a lot of things, many of them good; Dan talks about football violence and racism while Nat has been to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, so that’s nice; in the NFL there have been retirements - Peyton, Calvin - weird signings (Incognito) and plain old oddness - Bill has lunch with Donald; the Jets have Crazy Chip’s Fire Sale in return for all the picks; if the Rams get RGIII it will be the funniest thing in recent NFL history; in the NBA, the Lakers win things and Kobe takes credit; Golden State are back in the game; in Oklahoma there’s been a suspicious death which has something to with basketball but is very suspicious; the Spurs are making a bid for the top but being ignored because they always seem to do this; in the NHL 16 games left and the Caps are dominating like no-one else ever has; the Ducks are on a streak too so let’s see how that works out; there’s a discussion of a game to happen in the future and we reckon it should happen; Mancave Mailbag goodness from the ‘Carnage massive and of course plenty – sorry – I mean much, much, more…

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Nat and Dan bound into the studio full of the sort of joyous energy that can only mean that all-pro friend of the show Marek Larwood is in the house. With the Big Man on IR this week the three of them set to discussing the most important topics they can – HdP’s pen, the shady world of gammon dealing and definitions of subcultures. Oh, and some sports!

In other news: seriously, the British Gammon Council are more powerful than you will ever know; Mancave are dishing out free things to everyone, just download the app and they will come your way; we’re giving away our share too – this week’s twitter comp Clean Up Your Act had an epic load of entries but there had to be a winner and it’s Jamie Foyle who gets a big box of stuff; in the Mancave question of the week comp on the app Peter Crisp from Thatcham wins stuff too; then there’s stuff that doesn’t involve competitions, like the NFL! Iron Mike phones it in with an amazingly two minute round-up in off-season; in the NBA the Warriors lead the West from San Antonio and Oklahoma; Cleveland lead the East from Toronto and Miami, who are miles back; NHL-wise Washington lead the East from Florida, but the Pannthers may as well give up on top spot because they are so far behind they might as well; in the West – Chicago, Dallas, St Louis - sound familiar? there's the usual insightful stuff from the Mancave Mailbag; Dan is watching all the Oscar films and the guys run through the prospects and of course much, much more…

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Nat, Mike and Dan find themselves in a strange mood after a hell of a championship weekend, one which Dan enjoyed so much he got a whole year older. There are competitions and bets galore this week though, so that’s nice...

In other news: Dan had a birthday, it was good; Mike has seen some programmes, they’re good too; Nat has been to the theatre, it’s good but effing extortionate; in the NFL, we know who’s going to the Super Bowl; Brady had a nightmare out there and took more hits than a... someone with better O-line protection; Danny Amendola took almost as many hits, that guy takes a punishing; Cam Newton loves getting airborne, who knew? Arizona bomb out, seemingly because of the fallout from a muffed punt – the guys talk about this; in the NBA the Cavaliers lead the East, from the Raptors who came back from London and will not stop winning – eight straight for them; the West is the Warriors leading from the Spurs – who enjoyed a 13 game winning streak until last night when the two came together for the biggest game of the season so far;  NHL-wise Washington lead the East from Florida; Chicago lead the West from St Louis and Dallas; loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness; a charity bet, the final appearance of HipHop on Trial and of course much, much more...

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After such a brutal weekend in the NFL it’s hardly surprising to hear that the ‘Carnage gang are down one this week as Nat is on IR with a Roethlisberger (?) but Mike and Dan have brushed themselves down and limped into the studio. There they are joined by International Man of Journalism and possessor of superb vintage sports memorabilia Mr Anthony Wootton who brings an awesome book to Three Points – so awesome that Mike proceeds to talk about it for him…

In other news: Dan has seen things, so many things, and they are mainly good but he also drank kimchi lemonade so it’s a score-draw there; Mike has been in a lift in South Korea and sympathises; Alex gives away one of his Mancave goodies to Dan because of reasons; in the NFL it was all about the visiting teams; Bryan Hoyer didn’t enjoy himself; Vontaze Burfict is a dangerous man but maybe not dangerous enough; Seattle is a bit magic; Green Bay look like the old Green Bay, a bit at least; in the NBA Cavs lead the East, with the Raptors running along behind them; in the West the Warriors continue to lead and owner of amazing name Kristaps Porzingis is now being talked of as a rookie of the year; lots of Mancave Mailbag good stuff; some top memorabilia sifting happens and indeed much, much more…

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Nat, Mike and Dan assemble in the studio for the first time in what seems like nowhere near long enough and their tails are up as there’s lots to discuss! In the time since the gang were last on air a whole new year has started, the playoff berths have been decided and, which is more, Mike has written a haiku. It’s haunting.

In other news: Nat’s favourite year so far was 1923 which is mildly confusing; Dan has seen all the films ever, in a row, then topping up with Netflix; Mike talks Homeland; Nat talks Feinstein; in the NFL Mike went 10-6 and swept the NFLUK Experts panel; Brady stunk up the joint while Peyton looked like the old Peyton; Carolina kept it to one loss to keep the top seed; Seattle play Minnesota this weekend and Green Bay will play the Washington Racistnames; meanwhile, surprisingly few coaches have lost their jobs… in the NBA the Cavs lead the East, comfortably ahead of your Chicago Bulls; in the West it’s the Golden State Warriors ahead of the Spurs, the Thunder and the Clippers; in the NHL Washington lead the East, from Florida, who have had an impeccable Christmas where they beat everyone. Dallas lead the West from LA; Mike talks College Ball nad Bowl Games Galore; lots of goodness from the Mancave Mailbag and even time for a game besides the much, much more…

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