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Nat and Dan are getting into the swing of pre-season and have decided to talk about it, record the results and put it on the internet. They have vague memories of doing this before but with someone else too so are over the moon when an extremely funny man who's a big fan of the New York Giants comes to the studio too. His name is David Whitney and they like him a lot.

In other news: The show gets offered yet more advertising products, Nat cannot control his excitement at this; David talks booze and why you should love it; Dan talks about a time when he wished no-one had drunk a thing then the discussion turns to how to keep the right side of pissed on those long stints*; Johnny Football is a very naughty boy; Brian Orakpo, who had been mockingly doing Manziel’s ‘money’ symbol every thime he threw the ball away, said the gesture was hilarious; Jadeveon Clowney showed why he was first pick overall and he decimated the Atlantas running game; nothing in the NBA but Team USA beat Brazil in an exhibition game in Chicago, Derrick Rose returned, Anthony Davis put up 20 plus 4 blocks and 7 rebounds, KD pulled out and the team wore jerseys in support of Paul George; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness; a discussion on how to improve shit jokes and much, much more...


*Americarnage does not endorse all-day drinking, mainly because we're lightweights.

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Nat and Dan are picky devils when it comes to guests on the show, even more so when Mike is out of the country and they're missing the big man. Anyone joining them has to be drenched in sports, a rare combination of insightful, funny and self-aware and ideally an old mate to boot. This week they've got Erik' the producer' Janssen so it's up to you how many of those boxes have been ticked... *

In other news: the guys unavoidably talk about the sad death of the great Robin Williams; the show continues to get marketing emails from random companies which cause Nat to very nearly piss himself with laughter; big shout out to listener Chris Young who's busy kicking chemo's arse right now. All power and respect to you Chris from all of Americarnage; the guys talk best broadcasting experiences and needlessly emphasize what O.B means about a hundred times; the first week of the pre-season is in the books and if the season ended today the new York Jets would win the Super Bowl; in Cleveland Johnny Football looks set to start their second game against the Pats. Against Detroit he went 7 of 11 for 63 yards and rushed for 27. The NFL Network also broke pre-season TV rating; Kevin Love officially plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves - Cleveland is making the deal with Minnesota with a firm agreement Love will opt out of his contract in 2015 and re-sign with the Cavaliers; loads of baseball goodness; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness; a great 80's sitcom music game from Dan and much, much more...


*HdP has his strange 'other producer' rage going on again it seems. He needs to get over this.

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Mike and Dan rock up in Camden with a swing in their step and joy in their heart for a couple of reasons - the big man is BACK after far too long away for one and for the other, incontravertable proof that HdP is a gullable twat always right.

In other news: The guys are joined by the busiest and most attractive man in sports production, Big Phil da Producer who tells us all about Brazil; Dan talks books; Mike talks boxed sets vs old-school film production; HdP's arrogance is shown to all; the baseball hall of fame get a proper discussion; the NFL's approach to suspensions gets covered, so does domestic violence but in a surprisingly delicate way; loads of great Bodeans Mailbag goodness; a spelling game from Dan which causes deep hilarity and much, much more...

Oh, and no editing happened, it was just like this first time round. Honest.

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Summer is a strange time, a time when three of the four big sports are taking a break and so do the 'Carnage crew, hence a bit of a gap since the last show. Mike's still taking that break so Nat and Dan shine the Americarnage symbol in the sky over north London and, like a caped crusader who has no cape and doesn't believe in invading the Holy Land, Marek Larwood answers the call.

In other news: Dan saw Monty Python and was moderately impressed; Tim Westwood makes his first reference-appearance on the show and does not fare well; Marek went to see the London Blitz humiliate their opponents the other day; Nat talks books; it happened a while ago but LeBron really is going back to Cleveland; Donald Sterling has filed a second lawsuit against the NBA – this one for corporate fraud but this just makes it better that his shares might get sold to ex-Microsoft man Steve Ballmer; in the NHL the Toronto Maple Leafs have hired a 28 year old AGM; in the MLB the American League won the All-Star game and it was basically all about Jeater; the trade window closes in a week or so and all eyes are on our new favourite name: Philles Bastardo; NFL-wise Tony Dungy is in hot water because he says he wouldn’t have drafted Michael Sam, because of all that goes “with it”; Michael Sam no longer has the best selling jersey – turns out its Biber loving money worshipping Johnny Manziel; the Madden 15 QB ratings are out. Peyton is 98 overall, so is Rodgers, but now Brady is behind Russell Wilson. What? Loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness, Dan comes up with a classicly lacist game (just listen to it, alright?) and much, much more...

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Nat and Dan drag their sorry arses into the studio to try to fill the void left by the Big Man who's AWOL this week because of reasons, they're good ones but they're not good enough to excuse the fact that HdP finds more gaps in the flow to pipe up with his own ill-informed opinions. Serious big man, we need you back. It does however mean, this is an Americarnage After Dark...

In other news: the sales folks who seem to have got hold the 'Carnage email address bring more genius correspondence; The World Soccer Cup gets mentioned but only very briefly and Nat's show is a part of it; Dan rags on the Taiwanese for the first time - pretty random but every nation gets its turn; he then explains phone hacking; the NBA season is over the so is the draft and for the second year running the Cleveland Cavs had the furst overall pick; after wasting last year’s selection on the underwhelming Anthony Bennett, they went for Kansas’ Canadian wunderkind Andrew Wiggins;the NHL draft has happened too and Gary Bettman got booed every time him stepped forward - “I love your passion” he told the crowd and the Flyers fans shouted “sucks” after every team name that wasn’t the Flyers; NFL-wise, Aldon Smith is not going to jail for the bomb threats he allegedly made at LAX in April; charges have been dropped and he now has gun and drink dirivng charges to be heard on 25th July, the day after 49ers camp begins; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness; a game relating to the Driving Theory test gets played, it may or may not be a high point, and much, much more...

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Nat, Mike and Dan find themselves in unfamilar surroundings - someone has positioned microphones in front of them and, from through a small double-glased window, some sort of tramp appears to be pressing buttons and adjusting faders. Suddenly it all snaps back! They're in Camden and it's time to dothe first 'Carnage in rather too long! Thankfully, help them through what could otherwise be a shakey evening, it's friend of the show and master of cocktails Mr Paul McFadyen. Then Dan leaves half way through. What the f$%*?!

In other news: Dan goes to a documentary festival and becomes more of a wanker apparently; Paul mentions the world cup a little before 7 minutes in but luckily they keep it to a minimum; Mike reccomends telly things; Nat plugs his really rather good footy show for the Guardian (watch it watch it watch it); then there's loads of good NBA, NHL and NFL action as the guys look towards a time very soon where there will be only baseball and the Bodeans Mailbag, plus much, much more of course...

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Nat, Mike and Dan are overjoyed to be back together for the first time in what seems like an age (or precisely 'one restraining order' according to our lawyers) but immediately get back into the swing of things, crashing each other's intro's, Mike using the laugh-box, Nat presenting things which went out with the Ark and all that good stuff. As if that's not enough, we've only got the First Lady of Americarnage too, Ms Kelly-Anne Lyons - hell of a fine week folks, hell of a fine week.

In other news: Dan warns everyone he's going to be late, this does not save him from retribution; Kelly gets a new name, some mild misogyny which she shrugs off pretty well and then reveals her stance on other women coming on the show; they all work out that the show could help rescue the careers of recently disgraced celebs; loads of sports stuff has happened since last week, we talk about that; you guys sent in loads of great questions, we talk about those too. Plus of course much, much more...

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The big man is back! Mike's trip to R'lyeh America is done and dusted and he can't wait to get into some draft goodness and/or destroying the human race, whichever is easier. This fills Nat with such dread that he completely fails to make it to the studio mucttering something about filming somewhere called Innsmouth, sure that'll work out well. Sliding into the seat between Irony Carlson and the man who is Dan is all-pro 'Carnage guest, luckiest man in journalism and attendee at this year's draft, Mr Ben Isaacs.

In other news: Mike's intro leaves Dan a little flummoxed; expenses get discussed - turns out Mike was great at them back in the day but Ben is getting pretty close; Dan read a book about the world of London homelessness in the 70's. It's mental, you should read it too; Ben read a book which is the sort of makey-learny True Detective but still awesome for all that; loads of draft stuff gets discussed; these NBA playoffs keep on getting better, if you haven't been following up until now FOR THE LOVE OF GOD START NOW; the NHL playoffs are pretty damn cool too and, for one, more about skill than escalating violence - amazing; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness and much, much more...

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With the Big Man still Stateside Nat and Dan arrive at the studio to find that neither they nor HdP have sorted a guest this week, someone to help fill the aching void that Irony Mike Carlson leaves in their lives. Then they realise that they've never done a show, y'know, just the two of them, so maybe this could be the start of something beautiful...

In other news: it's not;

In more other news: The Breakfast Club in Islington can forget that sponsorship deal; Nat tells a story about a beverage he bought; Dan talks about GTA and Senna; there's just a little Iron goodness as Mike sends a three point AND and NFL round-up; all Dan's predictions about the NBA playoffs were wrong, hear how wrong; the draft gets taken very very seriously; HdP isn't listening to a thing Dan says during the NHL round-up... or is he? No; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness; loads of back-referenced goodness and much, much more...

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After a bit of a break caused by a combination of things (yes, HdP lost the keys to the studio and went on a three-week haribo binge to try to drown his sorrows) Nat and Dan rock up in Camden to find three things have happened: Mike is still away, the fabulous Mr Marek Larwood has turned up and finally that Pappy Dan is real and owns the LA Clippers...

In other news: Dan ran a marathon or something; Marek talks films; racism gets discussed a bit, for a change; the 2014 NBA playoffs are go and the Pacers held off the Heat for first spot in the East; the Hawks beat out the resurgent Knicks for the last spot; in the West the Spurs finished first, setting up a match up with Dalla; OKC set up a match up with last year’s conference finalists the Grizzlies; in the run-up the NFL draft we know some of these things: Earl Thomas is now the highest paid safety in the NFL; Cj2k is a New York Jet; Aldon smith has been arrested again; Johnn Manziel is going to Bucs; NHL-wise, in the East the Montreal Canadiens swept the Tampa Bay Lightning, who were in the playoffs for the first time since 2011; out West the Ducks went back and forth with the Dallas Stars, but with Ryan Getzlaff looking like a Hart Trophy winner, Anaheim took it in 6; elsewhere, with Malkin and Crosby again leading the line the Penguins beat out the Columbus Blue Jackets in 6; they’ll play the winners of New York Philadelphia, which is 3-2 going into tonights game 6; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness; Dan makes up some more characters who may or may not ocme true and much, much more...

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