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Nat is on IR with an office (don't ask) so Mike slips into the silky seat of ultimate power and hosts the hell out of this week's show. Dan rocks up to help and the guys are joined by All-Pro Man of Many Sports Phil Spooner who brings up an extremely valid modern social point, although mainly because he lost money...

In other news: Phil is upset about something called cricket but doesn't want to talk about it; some general election stuff gets talked about but only in passing; Dan talks documentaries and socail media; Mike talks box-sets; deflate-gate is a load of... puns mainly - bad ones; the draft gets some deconstruction and Dan reckons his Colts have made their offence too good; in the NHL the Western Conference final will be Blackhawks and Ducks in a very one sided set of ornithological conference semis;  in the East it’s game 7 between the Rangers and the Capitals tonight and game 6 between the Lightning and the Canadiens; in the NBA Conference semi finals Atlanta and Washington have been going back and forth for the last week; Nat sends an MLB round-up in but HdP folds to popular pressure and lets Mike read it; loads of Bodean's Mailbag goodness, 15% more nonsense and much, much more...

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Nat, Mike and Dan have been missing you guys, especially seeing as HdP has been keeping them away from you with his sordid "hey guys, got to finish building the studio, y'know" antics. The good news is threefold: it's draft day's eve, draft expert Matt Phillips is in the house and the guys remenisce about the second time they ever did t hings with a lady. No, I didn't want to know either...

In other news: Nat and Mike had a classy lunch together and it turns out Mike has a cocktail named after him; Dan says the word 'hubris' in the best way ever; Matt brings some Steinbeck to the table; Dan lays the moral side of his life bare, it's horrible; Matt delivers a cracking NFL draft round-up; Mike runs a mock draft; the Ducks sweep the Jets; the Canadiennes are 3 up; social media smack-talk gets an outing; baseball is more than back, it's back on the show and Nat runs you through the important bits; the NBA play-offs are properly underway and the Raptors are getting wailed on even after being dropped; Kevin Love has a deeply horrible injury which is hard enough to say, let alone have; loads of good stuff from the Bodean's Mailbag and of course, much, much more...

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Mike and Dan assemble in the secret underground lair to go over their plans for world domination and how they're usually ruined when HdP gets drunk and loses the key to the CarnageTank or something* when who should rock up but a man who has the whole world domination thing sorted - people just give him all the shit he could possibly need - Mr Ben Isaacs!

In other news: Dan accepts gifts from people who accept gifts from companies and is conflicted in more than one way; Ben buys something with his own money and boy does it feel good; Dan talks documentaries you need to see; Mike talks the movies of Jason Statham and the guys get surprisingly excited; March Madness is over and Mike tells you all about it; FIghtMadness is also over and we have a winner - listen to find out folks; a rare quiet week in the NFL means just drugs charges and murder trials to compete with the beginnings of draft-frenzy; NHL is coming to the sharp end of the season and it's all abit mental; NBA is coming to the sharp end of the season and it's a bit boring - well, less mental than hockey but them's the breaks; lots of fun in the Bodean's Mailbag and the requisite much, much more...

*There is no CarnageTank, go back to sleep and dream happy dreams which don't involve a thousand foot high war machine implanted with Rex Ryan's brain.

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Nat and Mike get to the studio to find two things which please them greatly - HdP's microphone is broken and Dan hasn't arrived yet. They plough straight in then have to do that 'aw, hey buddy, you made it...' thing when Dan rocks up and HdP talks anyway.

In other news: Nat's kids pretend-phone Mike; Mike talks sitcom actors on stage; NFL things happen but less that usual - a rare drop off the radar for the 365-league; March Madness is getting good - you guys have the ESPN player, right...? Dan talks basketball pros and some hockey, including a deeply prescient look at how the Las Vegas team's crowds will be procured; there's a strangely high-brow game which gets low-brow quickly; loads of Bodean's Mailbag goodness, plust the requesite much, much more...

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Nat, Mike and Dan are back together again after Hollywood being on IR with a nipple last week so they're so excited that talk turns immediately to biscuits and Nat reveals a heart-rending formative experience.

In other news: talk turns quickly to NCAA basketball and Dan has an opinion on this; Mike talks World War 1 and Nat talk Spongebob, making Mike jealous as he didn't get to see the movie; apparently we've got the balance about right; lots of sports things happen, listen to find out about them; #fightmadness is still going and hilarious; loads of Bodean's Mailbag goodness and indeed much, much more...

Also, please do sign up to the ESPN player using the promo code podcast2015 to be in with a chance of winning an awesome telly.

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Nat and Mike are so sad that Dan isn't here this week that they plain forget to celebrate, something which is very strange indeed until you realise that all-pro 'Carnage favourite and master of all things sporting MR Erik Janssen is in the house and his hypnotic presence has the guys enraptured...

In other news: for some reason the budget gets discussed; Erik is in fact a creepy step-relation but has the world's greatest collection of sports crap in his attic; NFL free agency keeps happening and ther's a hell of a lot to get through; defences have been the main winners but don't stand still near Chip Kelly, he'll trade you; we talk to our mate Andrew Joseph in Arixzona about March Madness; then we talk about more March Madness and #FightMadness; Erik does hockey, then tests the hell out of Nat and Mike with the first ever guest-made game. Bodeans mailbag of course and much, much more...

Also, make sure you keep heading to sign up for the ESPN player and catch all the March Madness games live or on demand. Code podcast2015 in the promo box puts you in with a chance of winning a telly so awesome Mike can't conceive of its abilities...

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Nat, Mike and Dan are ageless creatures who exist not like normal human beings, sustained by food and drink, rather they are driven on by the power of sports punditry (plus maybe a little Jamesons here and there) but they do still celebrate the anniversary of their coming to this plane of existance. This week there's much to celebrate with an Iron Birthday, the beginning of March Madness and some very special news from our friends at ESPN...

In other news: Phil (da?) Producer's in the house and has been talking to Russel Brand; Mike has the joke box, this is obvious immediately; it's national Punch A Producer week and the gang seem strangely keen to take part; Mike talks Wolf Hall; Dan is running several marathons for charity, he's very runny these days; lots of NFL free agency stuff; some hockey things; March Madness is very nearly here and we're so excited we got Andrew Joseph, sports supremo from The Arizona Republic to lay it our for you; if that wasn't enough we've hooked up with ESPN to offer you the best way to watch all that good stuff on the ESPN Player and win a telly too...! I know, we're far too good to you. There is of course much, much more but you knew that, right?

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Nat's on IR this week so Mike slips into the host's chair with the ease of a man passing a joke box. Amazingly enough, he has his joke box with him, something which amazes and delights both Dan and man of the hour and Sport Creator Mr Marek Larwood.

In other news: Dan has run a long way; the show is going weekly again for a while - March Madness basically, thanks to ESPN and the ESPN Player (remember this plug, you will need to love it); films get discussed in surprising range and sensitivity but don't worry, it won't happen again; franchise time has happened and there were very few surprises; basketball is happening and Kobe got kicked in the dick; NCAA basketball is happening and you need to get involved; in the NHL the Canadienes are doing surprisingly well, much to Mike and Dan's delight; an Oscar post-mortem (we're well current) and much, much more...

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Nat, Mike and Dan are well known for their film knowledge and seeing as we're in the grip of awards season they tackle the big question: what if Oscar the Grouch was nominated, but didn't win...?

In other news: Mike talks poetry; Dan talks Stephen Hawking sex; Nat talks SNL and the debate spins on to difficult territory; Mike busks a round-up but does surprisingly well talking all about the hired and fired in the NFL; Dan uses a script and somehow does worse; the All-Star game is officially shit, but we've known that for years; actual Oscar picks happen; loads of Bodean's mailbag goodness including possibly our favourite email ever and much, much more...

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