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Nat and Dan rock up to the studio this week in the certain knowledge that the Iron One is elsewhere, although quite what this means is up for debate – options include stumping for Ted Cruz, doing things for the mob and other less (more?) salubrious options. Whatever he’s up to he’s sent in lots of good stuff and, what’s more, the guys are joined by the legend that is Erik The Producer Janssen.

In other news: the Mancave Champions Club App Question of the Week winner this week is Mr James Cooper of Minehead who bags himself a load of goodies – you can get involved too by downloading it right…. NOW! Jimmy Garopollo makes an early appearance and then reappears quite a bit – which is nice; Erik has been watching Better Call Saul – a near-Nat level of cultural relevance; conversely, Nat has been watching The Jungle Book – the new one and everything; Dan ran the Brighton marathon and got sunburnt in the cold; all sorts of pre-draft manoeuvring in the NFL and Iron Mike talks you through his version of the first 10 picks; will a new top cornerback make the Racistskins any better? Johnny Manziel is still in the news for all the wrong reason, think this is just how it goes; the NBA Playoffs are underway and everyone is injured; Cleveland are the only ones through so far; OKC and the Spurs will play each other in the West; Erik tackles the NHL with a catch in his voice due to the lack of Canadian teams in the playoffs; the Blues are through to face the Stars; the Kings are out; in the MLB the White Sox execute the most ridiculous triple play ever in the history of anything; Albert Pujoles hits 565 homers, which is also pretty mental; Erik then breaks out The Birthday Game for the first time in a while and it inspires this week’s competition; there’s the usual Mancave Mailbag goodness and definitely much, much more…

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With Nat still in Panama dealing with the fallout of recent events, Mike and Dan find themselves doing a two-hander this week, something that immediately and unsurprisingly becomes a bit rude. It involves hands.

In other news: Mike stood in for Nat on Talksport 2 the other night, it was fun; the Question of the Week on the Mancave app is Adam Wright from Cardiff – he wins a big box of goodies and you can too; Dan has a lot of three points, but that’s what happens when he’s not allowed to talk for two weeks; one of them is a film, another is telly and the third is a book so it’s very nearly a media clean-sweep; the NFL round-up is less sports and more CSI but then that’s depressingly familiar; lots of trading and manoeuvring ahead of the draft; Kaepernick is once again in the news and what the bloody hell is going on there? In the NBA the Cavs have won the East and the Warriors have won the West, although the Spurs did their damnedest to spoil that party; Kobe’s retiring apparently, no-one cares; the NHL playoffs start TONIGHT and Washington had their best ever season resulting in a top seed while everyone else just kind of gets slotted in somehow; lots of other things but also David Cameron has been fired… From his coaching job with the Ottawa Senators; stickball season is back and Mike talks a lot about that, Dan less so; loads on Mancave Mailbag goodness and just the right amount of much, much more…

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Mike and Dan rock up at the studio this week to find that Nat is on IR with a kids party but that all-pro friend of the show Mr Phil Spooner is in the house, or is he?

In other news: Dan spills the beans about a personal matter of Phil’s without Phil even being in the studio; Black Mass takes a panning; Peep Show gets a rare mention; NFL refereeing is even more lunatic this week; Carolina stay unbeaten while the Pats are no longer perfect; the Jest beat Miami; Phil’s predictive powers are strong; in the NBA the Cavaliers lead the East from the streaking Pacers, who have won a Paul George inspired five straight; in the West it’s Golden State Warriors from the San Antonio Spurs; Kobe is retiring just to make sure the story is always about him; there’s some baseball chat but not a great deal; in the NHL Montreal are back on top of the east after New York had a slippy week; in the west Dallas lead St Louis by a good few points, and if that doesn’t encourage people to start foiling their empty arena, what will; loads of goodness from the Mancave mailbag and there’s even a Speakpipe message to help with the much, much more…

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Nat and Dan have started the show before they realise there’s something wrong – they’re talking to each other without interruption and able to finish sentences unimpeded. Damn and blast it if the Iron One isn’t on IR with a nonspecific! Saving them, and you, from an Americarnage After Dark though is the one and only Simon Crosse, sports producer extraordinaire, Bluejays fanatic and producer of Nat and Mike’s 5Live Sports Extra show, starting with a triple-header this Thanksgiving Thusday. This gets mentioned in the show. A little.

In other news: Dan has been to the dentist; Simon has in his possession something so good that the person who recommended it to him wants to become him; some people look like other people, this can be funny; the very first messages are coming through on the Americarnage Speakpipe; Thusdayt is shaping up like Americarnage on 5Live as Dan gets involved; Seattle continues the Niners lousy season; Joe Flacco is out but sets up a win with a busted knee; Case Keenum is one unlucky guy; Danny Amendola is injured again, poor devil; refereeing is still shocking; in the NBA the Cavaliers lead the East from Miami, who have won 3 on the bounce and are starting to gel; Golden State lead the West from the Spurs and Golden State are now the league’s only undefeated team; in the land of huckenshuck New York and Montreal are tied at the top of the East; Dallas handily lead St Louis at the top of the West; loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness happens; Simon saves the gang from a gameless week with his list of Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame nominees which means Dan is in the picture for the first time, well, ever; all this and the requisite much, much more…

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With the Big Man on IR this week it's down to Nat and the newly-recovered Dan to get things done this week. As they glance around furtively and dare to dream of an Americarnage After Dark, who should appear to save them and everyone else from  themselves but All-Pro and now third most frequent guest, the Canadian wonder Mr Erik Janssen. Listen our for some bonus Carlson at the end of the show...

In other news: Glenn Beardon is our Mancave grand prize winner with his tweet about Iron Mike; Dan talks Red Army and Fresh off the Boat; Erik talks The Americans; Nat relays an argument the guys had backstage at Wembley and A Month of Sundays; Andy Dalton gets big-ups; Ely Manning’s position as most hated man in football just because he’s won more than Peyton continues; Kaepernick’s job security gets a quick discussion, possibly not quick enough; Nat makes a wild prediction about he Bears which he wants noted down in case it’s right in a few weeks time; the MLB playoffs are mental-exciting and Erik tells you why; the Utley incident gets a thorough discussion, along with fighting in baseball;l oads of Mancave Mailbag goodness; comps galore and much, much more...

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Nat, Mike and Dan are fragrant individuals, although often not in the way that works out for those around them. This week though we're celebrating the beginning of a beautiful friendship, one which will not only herald the dawn of a new Mailbag but also hopefully remind the gang that real men can scrub up just a little every now and again. Yes, Americarnage is proud to be sponsored by top men's grooming range ManCave and thanks to them things are about to get even more awesome...

In other news: regular season NFL kicks off in less than 48 hours at time of recording and Football Fever is officially in town; the guys get a bit over-excited about the new sponsor and try some old schtick which is quickly stepped on; Dan follows on from Straight Outta Compton last week with Boyz n tha Hood this week, stepping back a few years; Mike talks The Crime Vault Live, his new show with HdP; Nat talks competitions - specifically getting yo' ass some International Series tickets; the gang run down their predictions for the upcoming season and these will be set in Internet Stone to be praised or scorned come Playoff time; some baseball gets talked about, mainly "how many innings does it take to destroy and arm"; Dan talks gambling in the NBA but not in the usual way; there's plenty of goodness from the newly-monikered ManCave Mailbag and a whole heaping bowlful of Much, Much More...

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Nat and Mike are so sad that Dan isn't here this week that they plain forget to celebrate, something which is very strange indeed until you realise that all-pro 'Carnage favourite and master of all things sporting MR Erik Janssen is in the house and his hypnotic presence has the guys enraptured...

In other news: for some reason the budget gets discussed; Erik is in fact a creepy step-relation but has the world's greatest collection of sports crap in his attic; NFL free agency keeps happening and ther's a hell of a lot to get through; defences have been the main winners but don't stand still near Chip Kelly, he'll trade you; we talk to our mate Andrew Joseph in Arixzona about March Madness; then we talk about more March Madness and #FightMadness; Erik does hockey, then tests the hell out of Nat and Mike with the first ever guest-made game. Bodeans mailbag of course and much, much more...

Also, make sure you keep heading to sign up for the ESPN player and catch all the March Madness games live or on demand. Code podcast2015 in the promo box puts you in with a chance of winning a telly so awesome Mike can't conceive of its abilities...

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Nat's on IR this week so Mike slips into the host's chair with the ease of a man passing a joke box. Amazingly enough, he has his joke box with him, something which amazes and delights both Dan and man of the hour and Sport Creator Mr Marek Larwood.

In other news: Dan has run a long way; the show is going weekly again for a while - March Madness basically, thanks to ESPN and the ESPN Player (remember this plug, you will need to love it); films get discussed in surprising range and sensitivity but don't worry, it won't happen again; franchise time has happened and there were very few surprises; basketball is happening and Kobe got kicked in the dick; NCAA basketball is happening and you need to get involved; in the NHL the Canadienes are doing surprisingly well, much to Mike and Dan's delight; an Oscar post-mortem (we're well current) and much, much more...

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Nat and Mike are sportsmen of great and varied prowess, always seeking the fresh challenge and ready to give their all to triumph in a new arena. These past years they have wept, for there were no more worlds left to conquer as no new popular sport has been invented in a hundred years. This was only because Marek Larwood had yet to invent... Volfsball!

In other news: Thanksgiving means more football than you could possibly digest... Unless you head to the Number 1 Sports Bar in Old Street, London, England to catch Iron Mike presenting some tasty NFL action; Marek elucidates the principals and heritage of Volfsball; Nat talks films and stuff; Mike talks telly and things; NFL coaches have had a rubbish week - Mike Smith and Rex Ryan in particular; RGIII should totally go to the Vikings to make the circle complete; Odell Beckham caught the ball or something; baseball gets a look-in this week; Marek talks basketball and Mike talks hockey, in between plenty of quality action from the Bodean's Mailbag and of course much, much more...

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Nat, Mike and Dan are, of course, the subject of many a fantasy (league) but this week Mike and Dan have a set-to about The Fall, which Mike likes and Dan thinks... Well, that's in the show, innit?

In other news: JJ Watt keeps catching balls and running them places; the Pats have their once-a-season steamrollering of the Colts sorted for this year; in the NBA, Toronto still lead the East from Washington. Memphis still lead the West from Washington; Philadelphia are bottom of the east with 10 losses and no wins; Kobe is still going for records and pissing people off; in the NHL Montreal are back on top of the East from Tampa Bay (despite being shut out in Pittsburgh last night); Anaheim lead the West from Nashville; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodies and a kick-ass game from Dan round out the week. Oh wait - there's still much, much more...

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