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Nat and Dan bound into the studio full of the sort of joyous energy that can only mean that all-pro friend of the show Marek Larwood is in the house. With the Big Man on IR this week the three of them set to discussing the most important topics they can – HdP’s pen, the shady world of gammon dealing and definitions of subcultures. Oh, and some sports!

In other news: seriously, the British Gammon Council are more powerful than you will ever know; Mancave are dishing out free things to everyone, just download the app and they will come your way; we’re giving away our share too – this week’s twitter comp Clean Up Your Act had an epic load of entries but there had to be a winner and it’s Jamie Foyle who gets a big box of stuff; in the Mancave question of the week comp on the app Peter Crisp from Thatcham wins stuff too; then there’s stuff that doesn’t involve competitions, like the NFL! Iron Mike phones it in with an amazingly two minute round-up in off-season; in the NBA the Warriors lead the West from San Antonio and Oklahoma; Cleveland lead the East from Toronto and Miami, who are miles back; NHL-wise Washington lead the East from Florida, but the Pannthers may as well give up on top spot because they are so far behind they might as well; in the West – Chicago, Dallas, St Louis - sound familiar? there's the usual insightful stuff from the Mancave Mailbag; Dan is watching all the Oscar films and the guys run through the prospects and of course much, much more…

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Nat, Mike and Dan find themselves in a strange mood after a hell of a championship weekend, one which Dan enjoyed so much he got a whole year older. There are competitions and bets galore this week though, so that’s nice...

In other news: Dan had a birthday, it was good; Mike has seen some programmes, they’re good too; Nat has been to the theatre, it’s good but effing extortionate; in the NFL, we know who’s going to the Super Bowl; Brady had a nightmare out there and took more hits than a... someone with better O-line protection; Danny Amendola took almost as many hits, that guy takes a punishing; Cam Newton loves getting airborne, who knew? Arizona bomb out, seemingly because of the fallout from a muffed punt – the guys talk about this; in the NBA the Cavaliers lead the East, from the Raptors who came back from London and will not stop winning – eight straight for them; the West is the Warriors leading from the Spurs – who enjoyed a 13 game winning streak until last night when the two came together for the biggest game of the season so far;  NHL-wise Washington lead the East from Florida; Chicago lead the West from St Louis and Dallas; loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness; a charity bet, the final appearance of HipHop on Trial and of course much, much more...

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After such a brutal weekend in the NFL it’s hardly surprising to hear that the ‘Carnage gang are down one this week as Nat is on IR with a Roethlisberger (?) but Mike and Dan have brushed themselves down and limped into the studio. There they are joined by International Man of Journalism and possessor of superb vintage sports memorabilia Mr Anthony Wootton who brings an awesome book to Three Points – so awesome that Mike proceeds to talk about it for him…

In other news: Dan has seen things, so many things, and they are mainly good but he also drank kimchi lemonade so it’s a score-draw there; Mike has been in a lift in South Korea and sympathises; Alex gives away one of his Mancave goodies to Dan because of reasons; in the NFL it was all about the visiting teams; Bryan Hoyer didn’t enjoy himself; Vontaze Burfict is a dangerous man but maybe not dangerous enough; Seattle is a bit magic; Green Bay look like the old Green Bay, a bit at least; in the NBA Cavs lead the East, with the Raptors running along behind them; in the West the Warriors continue to lead and owner of amazing name Kristaps Porzingis is now being talked of as a rookie of the year; lots of Mancave Mailbag good stuff; some top memorabilia sifting happens and indeed much, much more…

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Nat, Mike and Dan assemble in the studio for the first time in what seems like nowhere near long enough and their tails are up as there’s lots to discuss! In the time since the gang were last on air a whole new year has started, the playoff berths have been decided and, which is more, Mike has written a haiku. It’s haunting.

In other news: Nat’s favourite year so far was 1923 which is mildly confusing; Dan has seen all the films ever, in a row, then topping up with Netflix; Mike talks Homeland; Nat talks Feinstein; in the NFL Mike went 10-6 and swept the NFLUK Experts panel; Brady stunk up the joint while Peyton looked like the old Peyton; Carolina kept it to one loss to keep the top seed; Seattle play Minnesota this weekend and Green Bay will play the Washington Racistnames; meanwhile, surprisingly few coaches have lost their jobs… in the NBA the Cavs lead the East, comfortably ahead of your Chicago Bulls; in the West it’s the Golden State Warriors ahead of the Spurs, the Thunder and the Clippers; in the NHL Washington lead the East, from Florida, who have had an impeccable Christmas where they beat everyone. Dallas lead the West from LA; Mike talks College Ball nad Bowl Games Galore; lots of goodness from the Mancave Mailbag and even time for a game besides the much, much more…

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Nat, Mike and Dan assemble for the remarkably round-number-ish 200th time in the Americarnage studio, just a couple of doors down from where it all started almost exactly five years ago.

It’s Christmas, we’re five years old - what better to do than invite all-pro creepy uncle and most-capped guest Mr Marek Larwood to join them as they open presents, eat cake, drink champagne and wonder what the bloody hell has happened to mean that the show is still going…

Along the way there are messages from old favourites such as The First Lady and Vladimir Putin, Mike rewrites Dylan and performs it amazingly* as well as competitions, prizes, mailbag goodness, games and even some sports in this bumper 79 (!) minute show. Make it last though folks, we’ll be taking a break until the new year but in the mean time have a brilliant Christmas, a stonking New Year and we’ll see you on the other side. Huge thanks from Nat, Mike, Dan and HdP to everyone who has joined us over the years and of course all you brilliantly mental listeners.

*seriously, we were amazed.

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Nat and Dan rock up to the studio to find that HdP has managed to either break the studio or sell most of it for drugs, leaving only one microphone for them to huddle around. It’s an intimate gig, made even more intimate and far more awesome thanks to comedian, star of stage and screen and all-round gent Mr David Whitney who adds even more ideas to an ideas-heavy show this week – if there’s a sport, the guys have a way to make it even better...

In other news: there’s a competition happening, listen ot find out what it is; Dan wants to run another competition, definitely one you don’t want to enter –or do you David has been reading about habits; the NFL East is worst division in the entire history of all professional sport and we’re not prone to hyperbole; insane punt returns are becoming the norm and records continue to tumble while Carolina just get things done; Dan comes up with some great ways to improve the game and encourage laterals; in the NBA the Cavs lead the East from the Pacers, the Warriors continue to lead the West; Cleveland went to Miami, where they always lose, and lost for the 10th straight time in South Beach; in the NHL Montreal lead the East from New York, Dallas lead the West from the streaking LA Kings; rough week for the Habs - they’ve lost three of five games since Paul Condon took over from Carey Price; out West it’s all Jeff Carter and Tyler Toffoli, as they beat everyone put in their way this week; loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness and much, much more...

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Mike and Dan rock up at the studio this week to find that Nat is on IR with a kids party but that all-pro friend of the show Mr Phil Spooner is in the house, or is he?

In other news: Dan spills the beans about a personal matter of Phil’s without Phil even being in the studio; Black Mass takes a panning; Peep Show gets a rare mention; NFL refereeing is even more lunatic this week; Carolina stay unbeaten while the Pats are no longer perfect; the Jest beat Miami; Phil’s predictive powers are strong; in the NBA the Cavaliers lead the East from the streaking Pacers, who have won a Paul George inspired five straight; in the West it’s Golden State Warriors from the San Antonio Spurs; Kobe is retiring just to make sure the story is always about him; there’s some baseball chat but not a great deal; in the NHL Montreal are back on top of the east after New York had a slippy week; in the west Dallas lead St Louis by a good few points, and if that doesn’t encourage people to start foiling their empty arena, what will; loads of goodness from the Mancave mailbag and there’s even a Speakpipe message to help with the much, much more…

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Nat and Dan have started the show before they realise there’s something wrong – they’re talking to each other without interruption and able to finish sentences unimpeded. Damn and blast it if the Iron One isn’t on IR with a nonspecific! Saving them, and you, from an Americarnage After Dark though is the one and only Simon Crosse, sports producer extraordinaire, Bluejays fanatic and producer of Nat and Mike’s 5Live Sports Extra show, starting with a triple-header this Thanksgiving Thusday. This gets mentioned in the show. A little.

In other news: Dan has been to the dentist; Simon has in his possession something so good that the person who recommended it to him wants to become him; some people look like other people, this can be funny; the very first messages are coming through on the Americarnage Speakpipe; Thusdayt is shaping up like Americarnage on 5Live as Dan gets involved; Seattle continues the Niners lousy season; Joe Flacco is out but sets up a win with a busted knee; Case Keenum is one unlucky guy; Danny Amendola is injured again, poor devil; refereeing is still shocking; in the NBA the Cavaliers lead the East from Miami, who have won 3 on the bounce and are starting to gel; Golden State lead the West from the Spurs and Golden State are now the league’s only undefeated team; in the land of huckenshuck New York and Montreal are tied at the top of the East; Dallas handily lead St Louis at the top of the West; loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness happens; Simon saves the gang from a gameless week with his list of Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame nominees which means Dan is in the picture for the first time, well, ever; all this and the requisite much, much more…

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Nat, Mike and Dan rock up at the studio to find a pile of Mancave goodies on the table which means there must be a guest about but damned if they can see him. They get started only to catch a glimpse of movement which resolves itself into TV, radio and indeed NFL’s Vernon Kay who had woven himself into the fabric of the place using Mancave's new CamoMoisturiser. Or they're a bit crap at seeing. Either or.
In other news: Mike lists every single cast member of a show; Vernon has had etiquette lessons with Andrew Luck but in the end rocks a travel cup; Nat and Mike are starting their 5Live NFL coverage at 8pm on Thanksgiving and every Sunday after; the Bengals keep their primetime jinx going; the Pats keep rolling;’ the “is it the end of Peyton Manning” question gets an airing again; grass-roots Football in the UK and the future of the sport in the UK gets a surprisingly coherent discussion; in the NBA Cleveland lead the East from Chicago; the unbeaten Golden State Warriors lead the San Antonio Spurs in the West; the NHL has a new leader in the East, the New York Rangers are above Montreal who have played and lost one more; in the West it’s Dallas and St Louis; loads of #AskVern and Mancave Mailbag action; Dan breaks out a cracker of a game created with Vernon in mind plus much, much more...

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With the Iron One out of action this week Nat and Dan decide that they’ve got to get a man of equal stature in, a sports writer and broadcaster of impeccable creds and unbounded charm. So not like Mike at all then. Luckily the ‘Carnage little black book comes up trumps with the brilliant Andy Brassell whose sports writing chops are so good he WATCHES NBA FOR FUN. Nuff said. Also, Carlson has sent an NFL round-up and listen out at the end for a phone message from friend of the show Vladimir Putin.

In other news: Nat is ill but powering through; Dan has seen Mississippi Grind and rates it; Ryan Reynolds gets a mention; Belgian and Dutch film gets a very short look-in; Nat talks muppets, an easy stretch for this show; Andy talks second educations; in the NFL the Bengals have surpassed the haters to seem like the real deal, something which will now mean they lose next week; the Colts show up this week, derailing the terrible yet otherwise winning Broncos; the Panthers are still unbeaten, as are the Pats who are the subject of a my-first-NFL chat for newbie Andy; in the NBA the Cavs lead the East; Warriors lead the west – all as expected - the Pelicans, the Nets and the 76ers have lost every game so far – so they are NOT good; in the NHL the Canadiennes replacement goalie Mike Condon is crushing it; Gary Bettman says there is no plans to expand the NHL currently, which means no-one bought Las Vegas Unlimited Buffet season tickets; loads of top-class Mancave Mailbag action; Dan brings it with a game; there’s a competition – and of course much, much more…

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