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At last! After however many weeks its been, Iron Mike is back on Americarnage and in many ways it's like he's never been away. Probably because he hasn't really been anywhere, he just lost a bet and had to spend a month in the Cupboard of Shame. Otherwise known as Harry the Producer's holiday home. In other news:

Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco! He’ll pick up $95m for a five year contract, 18m guaranteed, although he’ll pick up $40m more if his neck doesn’t bust in the first year; Matt Flynn picked Seattle; Mark Sanchez picked up a big new contract with the Jets the 49ers looked set to drop Alex Smith and then didn’t AND Tebow was traded to the Jets for a 4th and a 6th; in the NHL, Sid the Kid is back - he got on the score sheet as the Pens pummelled the Rangers at the Garden 5-2; as we enter the last few weeks of the regular season, the Flyers are involved in a mighty three horse race for top spot in the east; Steven Stamkos has hit 50 goals for the second time in his career; NBA-wise Chicago are 39-10 and haven’t lost consecutive games all season, they are the best team in the league. Period; MLB Season kicks off in Tokyo in the Japan Opening Series on March 28th - the Oakland A's and Seattle Mariners are the lucky recipients of a jetlagged start to the season; big movers in the off season were Miami, new absolutely everything for them; AmericarnageFantasy Basball (and all the other ones) starting very soon; winner of the competition for a place in our league announced; Nat talks tactics; Mike talks Obsession; Dan talks team names. His is very good; listener questionsin the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more... 

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