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With Mike away for one more week, Nat and Dan have the utter pleasure of welcoming Luke Moore of The Football Ramble to the show - a man who is not only a hirsuit legend, he leant his nous at the very dawn of 'Carnage to help get us on t'interweb in the first place. Luke may be a god when it comes to the premier league but the guys take it upon themselves to sort him out with some real teams to support...

In other news: Peyton's final choices have been narrowed down to Denver, Tennessee, Arizona and Miami; back in Indy, the Colts continue their firesale: they re-sign Reggie Wayne, but release everyone else – Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark and Joe Addai. Garcon was later picked up by Washington in a waaaayyy too expensive deal; Calvin Johnson has re-signed with the Lions – a $132m eight year deal that makes him the NFL’s highest paid player; Sid the Kid is back AGAIN. Or he isn’t. Who knows? He is expected to play tonight against the New York Rangers for the first time since his brief return in December; the Bruins have slumped to three losses in a row and the Canadiens are bottom of the East. Nothing more to say about that...; so let’s talk about the New York Knicks! Mike D Antoni got the chop after the team lost their sixth straight, slipping back out of playoff contention; Chicago lead the East, OKC the West, but Milwaukee and the Lakers are this week’s forms teams; Steve Cohen is a hedge funder who may be buying the LA Dodgers and if he does, Tony La Russa will be running them; Check out the We Are the Marlins theme tune which we've posted on our Facebook Fan Page; corrections and clarifications; the Bodeans Mailbag; Mike's last letter from NZ and much, much more....

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