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In a contraversial move, Mike has quit the shores of Blighty for a short while to gallavant around LA and NZ. Nat and Dan try to put a brave face on things and helping dry their tears is journalist, Jay Cutler apologist, super-dad and all-round friend of the show Ben Isaacs.

In other news: Linsanity – the world’s favourite Asian American non-draftees continues to amaze for the New York Knicks; the All Star teams… and they’re OK- it’s Rose, Mello, Howard, LeBron and Wade in the East and Kobe, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Bynum and Chris Paul in the West; For those who care – Chicago and Miami are  pretty much neck and neck in the East and the Knicks are in the playoff zone at last after 6 straight; Albert Haynesworth is no longer a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, although he arguably never was; former Dolphon 'Fabulous' Freddie Solomon is mourned; the Combine starts next week so the first mock drafts have appeared; The Rangers lead the East, while the Red Wings lead the West; while the Blackhawks continue their post All Star game plummet; Rick Nash is the name on everyone’s list. Despite committing long-term to Columbus, he’s known to want out; the Miami Marlins will indeed be the featured team when Showtime's second season of "The Franchise" kicks off later this year; Mike's favourite Joe Maddon has signed a contract extension worth around 6 million bucks keeping him at the Rays till 2015; Coco Crisp still has, and possibly always will, have fine hair; no Corrections and Clarifications this week, dispute last week's show at your peril; listener questions in Mailbag, although without Mike the intro sounds a little different; speaking of Mike, he sends and audio postcard...and seemingly leaves messages EVERYWHERE; fun and frollicks with Dan's new game, Cadvertising, and much, much more...

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