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Nat, Mike and Dan are so fired up about the Super Bowl that they temporarily forget it even exists. Luckily memory snaps back as Mike's off to New Orleans for the Beeb, Nat's off the Superbash as host and Dan and HdP will be heading there too - joined by Americarnage's sideline reporter and this week's very special guest Tom Bell.

In other news: Nat gives an insight into what it's like to sideline report the darts for ESPN; Mike gets weirded out by stupid tube posters; Dan's now seen all films ever made and a few that haven't been yet; the Pro Bowl happened, underwhelming doesn't even cover it; the 49ers are supposed to be a lock for the title but how will they go about winning it?; NBA-wise the All Star starters were announced last week, but we sort of ignored them but it was the same old stars: Wade and Lebron joined by Garnet, Rondo and Mello; Miami lead the East, San Antonio lead the West; the Kings will be the Supersonics sooner rather than later. The Maloof family have agreed to sell them for 525m despite Forbes magazine estimating that they are worth just over half that; TOm Bell's Bane impression is back; in the NHL the Chicago Blackhawks have started this shortened season unlike any other in their history. They are now 6-0 after beating the Red Wings in overtime on Sunday; taso unbeaten are the San Jose Sharks – they’re 5-0 and on Sunday they beat the only other unbeaten team, the Cannucks; New York Yankees & Mike Carlson fave Alex Rodriguez has hired an attorney and is denying involvement after his name was linked to a place which dispensed performace enhancers. Yikes; loads of fun from the Bodeans Mailbag; Superbowl drinking games and much, much more...

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