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Nat, Mike and Dan love discipline - flags, fines, police action - they love it all! After last week's deeply offensive outing Nat has decided that he's better off at the darts for ESPN and Mike appoints himself the new sheriff in town, come to clean up acts and take names. The first name he takes is of this week's guest, Giants fan and very funny man David Whitney.

In other news: Dan mistakes Mike's injury for personal violation; Mike tests the limits of his love for Kelly-Ann; Wildcard weekend is over, but not before claiming some casualties; in Houston – entertainment was the casualty, as the Texans ground out a repeat of last year, beating the dogged Bengals; the Vikings surprise everyone by starting Joe Webb who started well but collapsed in a horrifying pile of misses and interceptions; Baltimore got all sentimental over the return of Chuck Pagano and Ray Lewis’ last home game ever. Playing with a bizarre metal claw, Lewis looked patchy as Ray Rice gave up two interceptions before the Ravens finally pulled away; RG3 lost out to Russell Wilson in Washington and may have lost more than the game; in the NBA Miami lead the East from New York, OKC lead the West from the LA Clippers who are back on form with two straight; the Bostol Celtics are busy slapping referees around; Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry was fined 15,000 dollars for handing officials a copy of the game on DVD. It was deemed to be inappropriate interactions with officials; The NHL is back and likely to start a 48 game season on the 19th January after 16 hours of negotiations on Saturday; without boring you the details are: the players share of revenues is down from 57 to 50. The owners wanted them to take 46%; lots of fun from the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...

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