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October 2020
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Nat, Mike and Dan romp into studio after a break with enough energy to immediately turn International Women’s Day into mum jokes and worse. Business as usual then. Luckily they move on to much lighter things, like the resurgence in football (soccer) violence and the places of Nat and Dan’s respective teams in this. Like I said, business as usual…

In other news: A competition sparks a series of revelations as to what the guys find attractive with Dan in particular entering into the spirit of things; the Mancave Question of the Week is running on the app and there are winners galore – Richard Stubbs and Stephen Fowldes over the last couple of weeks – so download the app and get involved; in the Mancave not-on-the-app competition we get two winners who both get stuff; Mike has been watching a lot of things, many of them good; Dan talks about football violence and racism while Nat has been to see Alvin and the Chipmunks, so that’s nice; in the NFL there have been retirements - Peyton, Calvin - weird signings (Incognito) and plain old oddness - Bill has lunch with Donald; the Jets have Crazy Chip’s Fire Sale in return for all the picks; if the Rams get RGIII it will be the funniest thing in recent NFL history; in the NBA, the Lakers win things and Kobe takes credit; Golden State are back in the game; in Oklahoma there’s been a suspicious death which has something to with basketball but is very suspicious; the Spurs are making a bid for the top but being ignored because they always seem to do this; in the NHL 16 games left and the Caps are dominating like no-one else ever has; the Ducks are on a streak too so let’s see how that works out; there’s a discussion of a game to happen in the future and we reckon it should happen; Mancave Mailbag goodness from the ‘Carnage massive and of course plenty – sorry – I mean much, much, more…

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