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October 2020
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Nat and Dan rock up to the studio to find that HdP has managed to either break the studio or sell most of it for drugs, leaving only one microphone for them to huddle around. It’s an intimate gig, made even more intimate and far more awesome thanks to comedian, star of stage and screen and all-round gent Mr David Whitney who adds even more ideas to an ideas-heavy show this week – if there’s a sport, the guys have a way to make it even better...

In other news: there’s a competition happening, listen ot find out what it is; Dan wants to run another competition, definitely one you don’t want to enter –or do you David has been reading about habits; the NFL East is worst division in the entire history of all professional sport and we’re not prone to hyperbole; insane punt returns are becoming the norm and records continue to tumble while Carolina just get things done; Dan comes up with some great ways to improve the game and encourage laterals; in the NBA the Cavs lead the East from the Pacers, the Warriors continue to lead the West; Cleveland went to Miami, where they always lose, and lost for the 10th straight time in South Beach; in the NHL Montreal lead the East from New York, Dallas lead the West from the streaking LA Kings; rough week for the Habs - they’ve lost three of five games since Paul Condon took over from Carey Price; out West it’s all Jeff Carter and Tyler Toffoli, as they beat everyone put in their way this week; loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness and much, much more...

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