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October 2020
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Nat and Mike are staring right down the barrel of being a gruesome twosome this week as Dan’s still hiding out in the swamps of Louisiana after a run-in with some locals who took exception to him treating the whole place like an episode of True Detective. Luckily for everyone, except maybe Dan, his old Absolute Radio buddy and Gridiron mainstay Mr Will Gavin is on hand to lend his expertise to proceedings.

In other news: Nat and Mike are back on telly - this Sunday on the BBC for the International series so if you can’t make it down, get involved with them; Mike composes songs on Twitter to Osi Umenyiora; Will rates The Martian and the gang agree the recent NASA announcement is really well timed for movie promo duties; Mike goes all arty-movie-tastic again; Nat talks Ballers and wishes it could be a bit more like Playmakers; Glenn Beardon is this week’s Mancave competition winner, coming in via the Champions Club app (check our facebook page for the download link) and gets goodies as well as entry into the grand final; Mike highlights the madness of this part of the NFL season and the undrinkable superlative-soup; Mike Vick is starting; it’s battle of the Ryans at Wembley this weekend; Brandon Marshall’s non-flea-flicker is play of the week; Jalston Fowler is the other play of the week with a painful Welcome to Big School on his second ever rushing attempt; Nat outlines the madness of the MLB right now and highlights an article by old mate Dave Lengel; loads and loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness and, with a promise of a game for next week prepared by HdP, that’s it aside from much, much, more…

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