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October 2020
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Summer is a strange time, a time when three of the four big sports are taking a break and so do the 'Carnage crew, hence a bit of a gap since the last show. Mike's still taking that break so Nat and Dan shine the Americarnage symbol in the sky over north London and, like a caped crusader who has no cape and doesn't believe in invading the Holy Land, Marek Larwood answers the call.

In other news: Dan saw Monty Python and was moderately impressed; Tim Westwood makes his first reference-appearance on the show and does not fare well; Marek went to see the London Blitz humiliate their opponents the other day; Nat talks books; it happened a while ago but LeBron really is going back to Cleveland; Donald Sterling has filed a second lawsuit against the NBA – this one for corporate fraud but this just makes it better that his shares might get sold to ex-Microsoft man Steve Ballmer; in the NHL the Toronto Maple Leafs have hired a 28 year old AGM; in the MLB the American League won the All-Star game and it was basically all about Jeater; the trade window closes in a week or so and all eyes are on our new favourite name: Philles Bastardo; NFL-wise Tony Dungy is in hot water because he says he wouldn’t have drafted Michael Sam, because of all that goes “with it”; Michael Sam no longer has the best selling jersey – turns out its Biber loving money worshipping Johnny Manziel; the Madden 15 QB ratings are out. Peyton is 98 overall, so is Rodgers, but now Brady is behind Russell Wilson. What? Loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness, Dan comes up with a classicly lacist game (just listen to it, alright?) and much, much more...

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