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October 2020
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After a bit of a break caused by a combination of things (yes, HdP lost the keys to the studio and went on a three-week haribo binge to try to drown his sorrows) Nat and Dan rock up in Camden to find three things have happened: Mike is still away, the fabulous Mr Marek Larwood has turned up and finally that Pappy Dan is real and owns the LA Clippers...

In other news: Dan ran a marathon or something; Marek talks films; racism gets discussed a bit, for a change; the 2014 NBA playoffs are go and the Pacers held off the Heat for first spot in the East; the Hawks beat out the resurgent Knicks for the last spot; in the West the Spurs finished first, setting up a match up with Dalla; OKC set up a match up with last year’s conference finalists the Grizzlies; in the run-up the NFL draft we know some of these things: Earl Thomas is now the highest paid safety in the NFL; Cj2k is a New York Jet; Aldon smith has been arrested again; Johnn Manziel is going to Bucs; NHL-wise, in the East the Montreal Canadiens swept the Tampa Bay Lightning, who were in the playoffs for the first time since 2011; out West the Ducks went back and forth with the Dallas Stars, but with Ryan Getzlaff looking like a Hart Trophy winner, Anaheim took it in 6; elsewhere, with Malkin and Crosby again leading the line the Penguins beat out the Columbus Blue Jackets in 6; they’ll play the winners of New York Philadelphia, which is 3-2 going into tonights game 6; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness; Dan makes up some more characters who may or may not ocme true and much, much more...

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