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October 2020
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Nat, Mike and Dan are jubilant this week, for two very good reasons: Firstly, there have been not one but THREE opening days for baseball and the season is away and swinging. Secondly, they're joined by a man who not only has an encyclopedic knowledge of them damned (New York) Yankees, but who also played some fine fine football for Hollywood's beloved Premiership team. Ladies and gentlement, put your hands together for mister Chris Perry.

In other news: Mike attempts an April Fool, the guys are sarcastically appreciative of it; Dan is preparing for the marathon by carrying around cake; Dan's Zombie approach to fantasy MLB once again garners comment, but not much at all, promise; Mike talks Belgian detectives; one idea for a segment is floated and should not be done; another idea for a slot is floated and in fact turns up after the credits so of course doesn't count towards out Offensiveness Quotient; Chris brings up a Sith Lord running for president; Nat talks Lee Steinberg but hasn't read the book yet; loads and loads of MLB is talked, tune in to find out how much; we're into the last ten games of the NBA regular season and after a long hard season of chasing the Pacers, the Miami Heat are back on top of the Eastern Conference; in the West the Spurs have all but tied up first seed after 18 straight wins, although OKC and the Clippers are both on tears of their own; the Pacers are in an absolute tailspin; in the hockey, Boston lead the East and are joined in the playoffs by Pittsburgh; in the West St Louis narrowly have the top seed from Anaheim, although San Jose Colorado and last year’s champs Chicago are already there; plenty of NFL stuff; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness and much, much more...

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