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October 2020
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So it's stickball season once again and if there's one thing the at Nat, Mike and Dan love it's a bit of fantasy MLB. Well, ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but boy do they have things to say about it, mainly Mike...

In other news: Mike does a partial strip-tease, Nat and Dan are surprisingly impressed with the results but doubt its punctuation; Mike talks auto-drafts; Dan was in Portugal last week, this gets strangely little comment; the selecting of teams for folks gets serious and we're exporting rather than importing this week; Nat talks Sports Illustrated; but three weeks of the NBA season left and Indiana still lead the East, now up 4 games on the falterming Miami Heat; San Antonio lead the West after an unimpeachable 13 game streak that OKC in their tracks; don’t nobody care about winners no mo’, it’s about the LOSERS - the Philadelhpia 76ers were widely believed to be tanking the season when they signed the injured rookie Nerlens Noel who still hasn’t played for them and are now on an amazing 25 game losing streak; in the NHL Boston lead the East, although last night their 12 game winning streak was finally beaten by an Alex Galchenyuk GWG for your Montrea Canadiens; with 10 games to go the Bruins are the only team in the east in the playoffs; in the West the St Louis Blues are there, as are the San Jose Sharks who are on quite the last season run at the moment; massive amounts of free agency goodess in the NFL, Mike talks you through that; bit of baseball (the actual kind) but loads more next week; plenty of fun from the Bodeans Mailbag; a strange bit of filling at the end which didn't need to happen but was fun enough to leave in, and much, much more...

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