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October 2020
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With Iron Mike out of the game this week Nat and Dan waste no time in getting right down to what matters: the etiquette and mores of dumping at work. Joining in the discussion but keeping it classy is all-pro 'Carnage guest and One Direction back-up dancer Phil Spooner.

In other news: Nat and Phil hit a wrap party and Phil tore up the dance floor, capturing all hearts; Phil shows how to style it out if you don't know what's going on; Dan went to see pre-release bits of a film, ate muffins and will never be asked back; Nat and HdP love House of Cards season 2; NFL free agency begins next week so the big work right now is being done by the agents, the rumour mill and the bean-counters looking to free up cap space so they don't turn up to the party unable to buy their round; Golden Tate will be one of those looking to be snapped up for mucho dinero; the new Tampa Bay uniform has been revealed and whatever they were trying to achieve, they haven't done it; in the NHL Pittsburgh lead the East from Boston; Anaheim lead St Louis in the West with around 20 games left; with every team back in action after the Olympics, the talk of the town is of the approaching trade deadline and most of the League have been busy little bastards; ndiana lead the East from Miami, OKC lead the West from San Antonio, but with the Clippers, the Rockets and Trail Blazers all streaking, it’s anyone’s game with around 25 games left; last week we were taping just as the Heat were beating the Thunder and Serge Ibaka, who you may recall ain’t about dis life, breaking Lebron’s nose; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodies and much, much more...

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