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Nat, Mike and Dan are pure athletes, able to accomplish any feat to which the human body is equal. Thing is, Mike isn't here this week so the conversation OBVIOUSLY turns to what the largest animal he could throw over a building might be. Adding substantially to this earnest debate is the simply brilliant Mr David Whitney, master of stand-up, acting and bagpipes. Mock if you dare, he's better than you.

In other news: Everyone cares about Nat, which is nice; Americarnage is sending a Camden goth to the podcast awards in Vegas to collect our award for us, y'know, 'cos we're bound to win; the city of Atlanta gets a long discussion and even a little love; in the NFL the week started on Thanksgiving – the Lions destroyed the Packers and took control of the NFC North, more so when the Minnesota Vikings beat the Bears on Sunday despite their attempts to tie for the second time this season; Matt Flynn got sacked 7 times, DeAndre Levy picked him off for his 6th of the season; in the NBA Indiana lead the East, still, and they’re now enjoying the best start to the season in franchise history; Miami are 10 straight, but still in second and besides Washington, everyone else in the Eastern Conference has a losing record; in the West the Trailblazers lead from the Spurs. Last night the West met the East in Portland and despite Paul George putting up an insane career high of 43, the Pacers still lost thanks mainly to a Lamarcus Aldridge double double; in the Hockey Boston lead the East from Pittsburgh and Montreal; Chicago lead the West from san Jose and Anaheim; most of the chat is about last week’s law suit, with the backlash beginning apace. Don Cherry calls it a money grab, while Jeremy Roenick said of the players : "They can go after the league that they craved to be in since they were little kids and paid their salary,"; Dan says the internet is full of lies big-ticket players get discussed ferociously; loads of Bodeans Mailbag goodness and a gane to boot, what more do you need? Much, much more perhaps...?

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