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Nat, Mike and Dan are true soldiers, bashment warriors, turntablist... Well not really but for the first couple of minutes of this week's show they had the nation fooled. That's what HdP's changed his name to by the way, 'The Nation'. Probably change it back soon when he realises how silly it is. Aaaaanyway...

In other news: Podcast Awards voting is still open, vote every day til the 15th of November if you can; Mike's expansion team maths comes up again; Nat has seen several films which were released this decade; Mike talks books and George Pelicanos gets a big-up; Dan's off to see the Arcade Fire and is remarkably smug about it; Tampa Bay do crazy things; Seattle do better crazy things but still looking fallible; Case Keenum has his balls out all game; Gary Kubiak will get better; workplace bullying in the NFL? Really? also, what sort of name is Incognito; the NBA season is off and running, on Tuesday we tipped off with two heavyweight ties that turned out to be mismatches - the Double Champion Heat ran all over the Bulls; Derek Rose played 34 minutes in his big return from a season blighted by injury, but Lebron hit 17 and Shane Battier put down every three he tried. Carlos boozer managed a third of all of the Bulls’ points as they went down 107-95; The Ducks are taking the NHL by storm they top the West after beating New York on Monday; Pittsburgh top the East; The Duck’s Corey Perry was subjected to something incredible on Monday - With fifteen seconds left in the second, Ryan McDonagh of the Rangers shoved the Ducks star into the Rangers bench. He climbed out and ten seconds later MCDONAGH DID IT AGAIN. The crowd went wild, the Rangers still lost. Pointless really. Filthy game from Dan, loads of good stuff from the Bodeans Mailbag and much, much more...

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