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October 2020
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With Mike doing Eurosport this week, Nat and Dan were left having a discussion about how bloody good they both are at everything when who should walk in but a man who's won enough gold medals to look like Mr T if he were of a mind to: Mark Hunter OBE. Luckily he's also a massive 49ers fan so they thought they should have a chat together, get HdP to record it and put it out. Y'know, like a podcast or something. Well dear reader, this is what they did.

In other news: The nature of pressure is discused; Captain Phillips gets an Oscar discussion going and it turns out Nat acted with Chiwetel Ojiofor (and has the added bonus of being able to pronounce his name); the second grand sharabang that is the International Series rolled into town and all the hurt in the world poured over the Jags; the Bengals destroyed the Jets with very little input from either Green or Green-Ellis - this team is looking deeper every week; Aaaron Ridgers passed for 284 yards and two touchdowns; while James Starks and Eddie Lacey ran for 180 yards combined, meaning the Packers do at last have a running game; it's the weirdest World Series ever and by the time you read this it'll probably be over; the Sharks and Avs are the talk of the NHL lighting up the West and refusing to lose. Coloardo under new coach Patrick Roy have gone from nothing to something very quickly – winning 10 of their opening 11 game; on Sunday Paul Stasny netted the winner against the Jets and Semyon Varlamov made 24 saves for a team that are now good good good; NBA season is upon us and Miami tip off against the resurgent Chicago Bulls who have got D Rose back in their rotation for the first time in a yea; this year we have a new team – the new Orleans Pelicans, formerly the Hornets; whose recent name change clears the way for the Charlotte Bobcats to return as the Hornets next years; loads of brilliant questions in the Bodeasn Mailbag; we've got a new sponsor! Listen for details and head to to help yourself and us out; another great game from Dan and Much, much more...

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