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Nat, Mike and Dan were all over Wembley last weekend and loved every second of it - especially the risk of death from the big flame-y things and a nailbiter of a game. Mike has been busy doing last-minute obituaries for American writers so we're without the Big Man again this week. Stepping in to join the fun though are friend of the show Caimh McDonnell and superstar producer long-time-listener-first-time-caller Marc Reeks. Harry reacts well to another producer in the room again...

In other news: The guys had great fun at the Regents Street bash and the Wembley game, met a few fine folks; three points gets a little out of hand but it's worth it, promise; Minnesota and Pittsburgh came to town with the worst records in the league and only the Vikings left town with their heads held high; Matt Cassell stood in for Christian Ponder and threw two touchdowns and 248 yards to Greg Jennings, and let AP run into two big ones; Ben threw two interceptions and 83,519 went home happy, expect anyone who saw gene Simmons do the national anthem; in the MLB Russell Martin blasted two home runs and Marlon Byrd smashed another to give the Pittsburgh Pirates a 6-2 Major League Baseball playoff triumph over Cincinnati; the other National League playoff series opening later this week will match the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Atlanta Braves; in the NHL the first season since Gary Bettman’s ill advised realignment programme began with the Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks beat the Washington Capitals; loads of good stuff in the Bodeans Mailbag; a warning about side-effects turned into a game by Dan and much, much more...

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