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Nat, Mike and Dan are men who keep their promises, when they remember they've made them anyway. Finally a tuesday taping means they can honour their pledge to 'Carnage Live MVP to come on the show so welcome ladies and gemtlemen, to Kris Head.

In other news: Mike, Dan and Harry went to a strip club and didn't get any free stuff so left straight away; Kris recommends music; Dan recommends TV; Week one of the regular season is toast and who’s not going to win the Superbowl? the New York Giants. They turned the ball over six times – including an interception off the very play from scrimmage, and yet the Cowboys still only won by five points; Eli and Tony Romo both threw for more than four hundred yards and fumble happy David Wilson is unlikely to play in the NFL again; the Mannings ended up throwing for 11 touchdowns on the week, as the Broncos obliterated the Ravens; Peyton put up 7 touchdowns – most of them to Wes Welker, who even managed to muff a punt; MLB-wise Boston are walking away with the AL saw that coming back in April....but will Mike's favourite Red Sox prove to be a serious Series contender? in the NHL the Calgary Flames will remains at their home at the Scotiabank Saddledome after extensive flooding in southern Alebrta made the puck drop for the first game of the season look unlikely; Rodman was back in North Korea. He claims to be ‘hanging out’ with evil dictator Kim Jong Un and now plans to take a team of NBA legends out there. Micahel Jordan is currently 25-1 to be on the plane, odds he is thought to fancy to the tune of 20 large; loads of goodies from the Bodeans Mailbag; Dan revives the very first game ever on Americarnage and much, much more...

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