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In honour of Nat's birthday HdP has brought in the most sugar-laden cake possible and booze to wash it down. Surely this can't affect the way the gang tackle the show? Luckily they've got Marek Larwood in to keep them under control...

In other news: Nat does 'jobs' with Dennis Wise - Dan correctly assumes it's a sawn-off-and-wheels sort of job; Marek is filming a prank show in one of Britain's roughest cities but has survived so far; Dan talks films; Nat talks Film Fandango (cheers again Marek); Tebow is STILL a Patriot! He;’s completed 5 of 19 passes for 55 yards but he’s still on the squad list as it gets slimmed to 77. "I'm rooting for (Tebow) and I'm in his corner, but I have the privilege of letting Bill make those decisions,” says Robert Kraft; Week three of the pre season came and went – the battle of New York ended with a Jets win in overtime; Tony Romo threw two TD and the Hard Knocks cameras captured James Harrison beating everyone at arm wrestling; Margus Hunt calimed that everyone in his native Estonia ate nothing but “straight up growth hormone”; Pavel Datsyuk, Red Wings ledge, when asked what he though of Russia’s new spate of homohpboic laws responded: “I am orthodox and that says it all”. This was taken as meaning he hated homsoexuals, whichy caused a Twitter meltdown and a demand that he apologises. So far he has not done so; Miami Heat coach, Erik Spoelstra decided to go and drop some knowledge on the Seattle Seahawks this week. Players including Russell Wilson watched dumfounded as he turned up to the Hawks training camps: "Just having him here in front of the team and just having him in meetings with us and having him out here in practice is an unbelievable experience for everybody,"; Dan brings an amazing Jive Talking game; loads of Bodeans Mailbag action and much, much more...

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