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Nat, Mike and Dan are in a reflective mood, they miss the good old days where they got to meet you guys. Luckily they're going to get another chance at the end of July at the Forge and Fountry in Camden when Americarnage Live 2 (tagline pending) will be all up in your grill. Email or head to to pre-book tickets for what will be literally an event in the summer...

In other news: The gang talk soccer for a little while but don't worry, it doesn't last; Iron Mike is back and straight away starts recommending crime novels; Dan finds a great shop for vintage NFL jerseys; in the NBA we are into the Conference finals, last time out Miami were almost in the Eastern Conference finals, needing just one more win against the Bulls to make the finals for the third straight year; Carlos Boozer threw down 26, and despite the Bulls leading by 11 late in the third, Lebron, D Wade and a couple of missed 3 handed it to Miami; in the West, it’s the Spurs vs the Grizzlies - San Antonio took control in game 5 of their series against golden state, cruising past by 18 points and finished them on the road in game 6 as GSW, nursing injuries to Harrison Barnes, Steph Curry and Jarret Jack, finally gave up; in the NHL it's overtime-tastic with the Penguins vs unfashionable Ottawa taking this to the limit; the Pens took game 1 in OT, breaking the Sens incredible record of 7 straight OT wins on the road. Game 2 went to the Pens as well, while game three went to double overtime until Colin Greening smuggled home past Thomas Vokoun; loads of other things have happened, many of them get asked about in the Bodeans Mailbag; por-celebrity Twit of Twat makes a welcome return and much, much more...

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