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Nat and Dan are musical folks and this week, while Mike's at Eurosport (which they totally remembered and everything) they take the chance to invite not only master of all sports Erik Janssen but also musician, rapper and the man responsible for the quality jingle action on the show, Nicky Spesh, who brings us a big bag of new and cracking stuff. Together they make an ENORMOUS show with one part which will probably never get played again. You've been warned. Dan.

In other news: Nick tells us things we never knew about Dan; Dan tells us things we already knew about himself; Nat reveals his surprising breadth of rap knowledge; NBA-wise, the first playoff round in the East saw the Heat sweep the Bucks, the Knicks end the Celtics in 6, the banged up Bulls beat the Nets in 7 and Indiana beat Atlanta in 6; in the West the Spurs swept the Lakers, the Thunder struggled past Houston in 6; Golden State beat Denver in 6; likewise Memphis against the LA Clippers; NFL silly season is upon us – when players get arrested in the months before they return to training camp - and Dan has a rather astute take on the Titus Young situation which he lets on about after the gang take the piss mercilessly; the first round of the 2013 NHL playoffs ended last night with Game 7s in Boston and Washington and the biggest surprise of the round at that point had been what a good go of it the New York Islanders had made against the Pittsburgh Penguins; Erik tells us lots of great baseball stuff; the guys provide Nick with a team in each major sport but take ages about it; loads of Bodeans Mailbag action, translated rap game from Dan and Nick sings us out, plus much, much more...

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