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August 2019
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Nat, Mike and Dan have the post-superbowl blues and they thought nothing could cut through them. Then Hollywood got taken out at high speed on the escalator out of Camden tube and found out that those steps can cut through anything...

In other news: Nat did the superbash and is an entertainer, Mike did the BBC coverage and held Chappers and Danny Amendola together, Dan kipped out and missed Corey Feldman and Harry made the first minute or so of the show sound like it was taped in a bathtub; the Giants have done something good lately, can't remember what; Bill Belichick can’t count; ‘Elite’ quarterback Eli Manning won MVP for the second time; Peyton Manning will cease to be a Colt this week if Jimk Irsay doesn’t pay him his 28m roster bonus; in the NHL, no change in the East – the Rangers, the Bruins and the Flyers are pulling away, although New Jersey look like contenders again for the first time in eighteen months; in the West Detroit still lead, but the Blackhawks are in freefall, partly due to Corey Crawford, their hapless goalie; could Seattle be the next big NHL town? Corey Schenider could be the biggest trade of the trading season with Cannucks reporting looking to swap their back up goalie for an as yet unnamed defenseman; NBA-wise Chicago, Miami and Philly dominate the East although the battered Lakers are making a comeback; Kobe Bryant moves ahead of Shaq in the career scoring stakes; Chauncey Billups has torn his Achilles in an injury that threatens to end the career of the Clippers veteran; your questions (and some arguments) in Mailbag; Superbowl Half-Time Consequences; Corrections and Clarifications, and much, much more...

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